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Head First Kennels


Pure Mahomes pups!


Pups born March 14, 2014
L. Mahomes
PH# (501) 2083163

Please note that these dogs are the original game bred dogs, in style, temperament and appearance. They aren't over-sized, too short, too tall, too wide, too heavy, too lazy or too stupid. If you're looking for anything listed above then my puppies won't make you happy. If you're looking for a real APBT you're at the right place.

Head First Kennels
Featuring The Mahomes Boodline
Okolona, Mississippi
We welcome serious inquires only!
No dogs or pups will be sold in or near Okolona, Mississippi!


No dogs or pups on this site is sold to be used for any illegal purposes. We do not in any way encourage, promote, or sanction any illegal activities. My advice to the buyer is to use any legal means you want to educate the public and change the laws, but steer clear of breaking them. Study the history, enjoy the companionship but keep away from dogfighting in any form. The purpose of my site is to explore and share with others the fascinating history of the pit bull terrier. In order to understand the nature of the modern-day pit bull terrier, it is imperative to understand its history.

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